Six Friends Dinners: Meet and connect with the great people in your city

Imagine sitting down to a dinner with 5 genuinely cool and interesting people like yourself. You’ll share a meal, share a drink, share your story and have others share theirs. It’s really all about sharing a connection with other people and bridging the gap from strangers to friends.   You won’t be sold anything, indoctrinated or have any of your organs harvested. This isn’t a dating agency, a Pokemon Go meetup or a networking event - It’s a way to meet the types of people you wish you knew but always complain about not being able to find.   It’s a no-strings-attached coming together of people you’ll probably really like - I call it “Six Friends" Dinners and it could be what you and your city has been missing. HERE’S HOW IT WORKS A Six Friends Dinner brings together 6 people who, mostly, don’t know each other. The organiser of the Dinner (the “Host”) phones up to invite one [Read more...]