How Tech turned me into a runner.

I’ve always been a fit and healthy guy. Sports throughout my childhood and teens with some on and off weight training into my 20s. Running though? "Nah, not my thing" I’d always say!   Well, I’ve turned that around and I mostly have tech to thank for it.   On a hike with some friends, we got chatting about fitness and exercise. They insisted that I give running a real chance; that I’d love it and all of its benefits. I was skeptical  to say the least as I stood by the stubborn notion that “I’m just not a runner.”   That is until they told me about the Nike Running App. That’s where it all changed.   I was to find out about this smartphone app that tracks your runs, provides training programmes for certain distances and has a social feature to add friends. All very nice, but the real kicker was when they showed me the Social Leaderboard.   Now [Read more...]