Save your eyes and save your time with one iPhone setting.

While tinkering in my iPhone settings, I happened upon a clever little setting you can use to save your eyes and your time.
It’s a great little hack that has worked well for me over the past two weeks. Hope it helps you too!
If you have an iPhone, Head into your Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Accessibility Shortcut.
  • “Invert Colors”
  • “Reduce White Point”
  • “Color Filters”
Read on to see how and when to use them.

To save your eyes:

1) Invert your device’s colors.
The built-in color palette favors bright colors.
Triple click the home button and choose “Invert Colors” before bed every night.
This will make your phone appear darker, making early morning screen time much easier on your eyes, especially when trying to switch off that damn 7AM alarm.
2) Soften the harsh “White Point”
Apple screens are vivid, sharp and have that great “pop.” It makes for a beautiful experience but comes at a cost to your eyes.
Triple click the home button and choose “Reduce White Point” to make your screen softer on the eyes.

To save your time:

Go gray to defeat procrastination
Our phones are little portals for procrastination. Something else on our phones is always more interesting than what we’re currently doing and our willpower almost always eventually gives out.
To do something about it, Triple click the home button and choose “Color Filters” to turn your screen grayscale.
Your social feeds and addiction games suddenly aren’t as interesting without color and you can get back to whatever it is that you should be doing.

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