#StealThisIdea – Startup Shuffle

The idea is simple really: A website with one giant shuffle button that, when pressed, will bring up a random and an insanely useful article/resource/tool that any startup founder, employee or switched-on person should know.

Directories like StartupStash are incredibly useful too, but you have to know what you’re looking for.

Sometimes serendipitously stumbling upon a golden nugget of wisdom at the opportune time almost reassures your work. It would feel like fate.
Sometimes it’s just damn cool to stumble across something useful you otherwise wouldn’t know to look for, nevermind know how to find.

The same material goes around the same circles – with Startup Shuffle, happenstance brings timeless content back around – often “just when you needed it.”

Please steal this idea and hit me up to chat about some monetization and marketing ideas.

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