#StealThisIdea – Morning Routine App

Most people find making a morning routine easy enough but sticking to it near impossible.
I wish someone would #StealThisIdea and make an app that would encourage you to stick to your morning routine through automation.
You configure your default Morning Routine and have it run every morning. It would be a combination of Workflow (an actions and automation app) and a timer – allowing you to trigger certain apps to open and actions to start at certain times.

This is a generic morning routine:
  • Alarm
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Glass of Water
  • Meditate
  • Exercise
  • Shower
  • Breakfast (recipe)
Now, the Morning Routine App to keep you productive, on time and accountable in the morning:
  • You set the start time of the Morning Routine App for 6AM.
  • The Morning Routine App begins which triggers your Alarm to go off at 6AM.
  • Once you’ve switched off your alarm, up pops your favourite Gratitude Journal app for 10 minutes of writing.
  • Then your Habit Tracking app of choice so you can log the glass of water you just drank.
  • Up pops Headspace for your daily meditation and at the end of the session –
  • Switches over to your fitness tracker to log in your workout or run
  • After the allotted workout time (which can be extended) pops open your podcast player or morning music playlist to play during your shower.
  • Then get weather updates when getting dressed while your reminders and to-dos for the day are read out to you.

You can skip tasks by clicking on a “next task” button and extend the time allocated to any task.

There are tons of applications and further functions that can be added with social share features and leaderboards. There can be stock morning routines or “build your own” routines and the app could work as an affiliate to the apps it empowers by allowing users to download those apps (eg, the Morning Routine App could integrate a paid  app and share the profits for prompting the download.)

Someone, please build this and help me automate my mornings!


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